May 8, 2004

The ceremony began promptly at 1100. John Bodylski - Eagle Scout Candidate Troop 323, Tustin CA, and USAF Auxiliary Squadron 68 - and Major Greg Frazier (USAF Auxiliary Squadron 68 Project Officer) led the proceedings.

Speakers included brother George Adams, pilot Bill Dana, and BLM representative Hector Villalobos.

The ceremony began with a Color Guard, manned by CAP Squadron 68. Major Frazier then led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. The Monument was unvieled, and John Bodylski recounted the coordination required and construction of the actual Monument itself.

The BLM then awarded John with a well-deserved, beautiful framed certificate of appreciation.

George Adams then spoke for the family. George, and the other Adams family members, were clearly moved by the proceedings. Their presence was appreciated more than they know.

Bill Dana, contemporary and acquaintance of Michael Adams, said a few words, followed by an overflight by Capflight 468.

And finally, Taps.


The event flyer.

Artwork for the monument plaque.

We would like to thank the following:

The Family. First and foremost. Brother George, son Brent, and nephews Dave and Dan flew out for the event. Your presence moved us all.

John Bodylski, Eagle Scout candidate, Troop 323. John spent a lot of time planning, organizing, and coordinating.  This Memorial would not exist were it not for John.

Major Greg Frazier, Civil Air Patrol. Who spent more time coordinating/supporting than he will admit to.

The BLM. For not only its approval of the project, but for its enthusiastic support to include the donation of the concrete used in the construction of the monument itself.

Troop 323, Tustin CA. For providing endless hours of volunteer work, erecting several hundred square feet of shade the day of the event, and for representing The Boy Scouts of America with attention to Ceremony and Honor.

Civil Air Patrol Squadron 68. Performing a service not only at the Ceremony, but to our Country.

The hundred+ in attendance. All came from some distance to be there.

The Monument consists of 4,000lbs of concrete (most of which lies underground) and a large Inconel-X plaque. Program and crash artifacts are incorporated within the Monument itself. It lies at:

35 25.190' N
117 36.109' W


Travelling north:
Get to Kramer Junction (395 & 58) via the 5->14->58, the 15->395, or whatever suits you best.
From Kramer Junction, go north on the 395. Continue through Red Mountain.
Turn right (north) on Trona Road.
Travelling south:
South on 395. Continue through Johannesburg.
Turn left (north) on Trona Road.
The turnoff to Trona Road is well-marked in both directions.
Once on Trona Road, continue for 4.0 miles. The final half-mile is off-road, but 4WD is not necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: There are no facilities at the site. No water, no toilets, no food. However, these amenities can be found reasonably close by in Randsburg. The weather may be hot, cold, and/or windy. Plan for any and all.

As you approach the site, look for the light-colored cleft in the hill behind the Monument (above the "Ad" in "Adams" above). You will see this cleft about 3 miles after turning north on Trona Road. Continue a bit farther than you think you should and look to the left for a dirt road (it is easy to miss, but exactly 4.0 miles after you leave the 395). You will come up almost against the ridgeline that is the backdrop for the Monument - if you pass that ridge, turn around and take the first dirt road to your right - you want to be south of the ridge, not north. Bear left at the wreck of a white F100 truck, then right. At the first intersection, turn right. The Monument is visible from the road on your left.

If you go, please send us a picture of your visit and we will include it here.

Thanks to GPS-slinger Thomas Shafer for the more-accurate coordinates.


Early in the morning.

Getting set up.

The Color Guard arrives.

A beautiful, beautiful day.

Last-minute instructions from the Major.

Uh oh...Pirates! Tony Moore, Pete Merlin, unidentified, and Tom Rosquin.

The pavillion from afar.

Son Brent.

Nephew Dan.

Silence, please.

Greg and John leading the way. And leaving no doubt...

The Adams: Dave, Brent, George, Dan.

Minding the perimeter: Rich Lovich and Steve Karl

BLM recognition for John.

Bill Dana says a few words.


Capflight approaching.

Capflight 468.  Authorization from EAFB was required.

X-15 program veterans.

SCOUTS! John and some of his help.  Troop 323, Tustin CA.

CAP 68 members.

Wreck Chasers.
Back Row: Major Greg Frazier, Pat Macha, Tony Moore, Pete Merlin, Linda Rosquin, Scott Kaczorowski.
Front Row: Richard Russell, Patrick Macha, Tom Rosquin.

Gratitude. Honor. Admiration. Respect. Beauty.

All images are © Scott Kaczorowski.